Bjørvika - Norway’s largest urban development project

Get to know Bjørvika - the new city within a city. One of the most comprehensive urban development projects Norway has ever seen. The English webpages are currently under development.

  • Bjørvika Utvikling AS has overall responsibility for all public space construction in Bjørvika. The district’s public spaces are being completed apace with the rest of the property development in the neighbourhood.
  • Losæter is a public art project in Bjørvika initiated by the art collective Futurefarmers. Taking the form of an urban farm, Losæter hosts an allotment community, an ancient grain field, a bakehouse and Oslo's first City farmer.

    For more infomation about Losæter, see
  • Upon completion, the new Bjørvika district will provide 5000 new homes and 20 000 new places of work.
  • The two art project Future Library and Flatbread Society are commissioned and produced by Bjørvika Utvikling in collaboration with the artists and have been unfolding in Bjørvika since 2012.

    Bjørvika Utvikling is responsible for the construction of the commons, water promenade and technical infrastructure in the new city district in Oslo. More than 1% of the investment budget for the commons is dedicated to art in public space.