About Bjørvika Utvikling

Bjørvika Utvikling AS has overall responsibility for all public space construction in Bjørvika. The district’s public spaces are being completed apace with the rest of the property development in the neighbourhood.

Once the public spaces have been fully developed, they will be handed over to the City of Oslo free of charge. The Office for Real Estate and Urban Renewal (Eiendoms- og byfornyelsesetaten) handles property management, while the Agency for Urban Environment (Bymiljøetaten) is responsible for maintenance.

Bjørvika Utvikling AS is owned by HAV Eiendom AS and Oslo S Utvikling AS, with shares of 66% and 34% respectively - reflecting ownership distribution of the areas being developed in Bjørvika.Bjørvika Utvikling has established Bjørvika Infrastruktur (BI), a 100% owned subsidiary of BU, and is formed with the purpose of having the overall responsibility of all technical infrastructure in relation to the development of Bjørvika.

This 3D illustration gives and indication about how Bjørvika will look when it is all developed: